Dell Axim for Mobile Ordering

BrokerForce provides an integrated solution for printing barcodes and scanning in orders and inventory.  These abilities do not require an add-on module or other software.  A wedge scanner (~$200) is all you need to use scanning with a laptop and BrokerForce™.  PocketRep is a companion application, that makes taking orders and scanning inventory mobile using Microsoft PocketPC™. 

What if my products don't have UPCs?  When barcodes are printed from BrokerForce, if a UPC is not available, BrokerForce will substitute the manufacturer's item number to create the label.

Several reports can be printed for creating barcode tags for entering orders and and taking inventories.  The Product Labels 3 of 9 reports can be used to print barcode labels for your showroom shelves or catalog using Avery 5160 or 5167 (smaller) formats.  These labels are available from most office supply stores.  One can even create a barcoded vendor catalog with pictures.

Order guides can be printed with barcodes for a vendor's entire line, a category, or for an individual customer with a list of the items that they have ordered in the past.  The customer order guide, Item Sales Totals report, can be used to scan-in orders or inventories immediately or to handwrite quantities only and scan-in later.

Want to scan or enter orders when you're away from your computer? BrokerForce supports the Windows Pocket PC platform with PocketRep a pocket version of BrokerForce™. Tap-in or scan-in your orders with one hand using a Pocket PC and Socket In-Hand scanner.  You can synchronize your BrokerForce™ contacts to Pocket Outlook, enter appointments and synchronize your orders directly into BrokerForce™ with a Pocket PC. Perfect for the road, shows, or showrooms.  It's the easiest way to enter orders with a customer.

Socket Scanners:

We do not recommend CMOS   scanners.  We do recommend the compact flash IS5025-609 (CF) and the one secure digital IS5304-732 (SD) laser scanners from

The following scanners may be available from some Internet retailers for less than one can purchase them directly from  If you type in the manufacturer part number on you can find a listing and prices from different resellers.  These may also be available on eBay.


CompactFlash Scan Card (CFSC) 5M  IS5025-609 CF card

Latest pricing for this scanner on the Internet

Secure Digital Scan Card (SDSC) 3M Prod#: IS5304-732 smallest laser scanner uses SD slot.  Not recommended if you have a large database or would otherwise use the SD slot for expanded memory on the PDA.

Class I  - Discontinued but may be available on eBay
In-Hand Scan Card Type I, Class 1 Laser

Class 2 ability to scan from greater distance and other characteristics that set it apart from the Class I
In-Hand Scan Card Type I, Class 2 Laser IS5007-321

2D - Two dimensional scanner for future support of name tag scanning and standard barcodes
In-Hand Scan Card-Imager



Not Recommended:
SDIO In-Hand Scan Card  (CMOS) and SD slot

CompactFlash Scan Card (CFSC) 5E (CMOS)


Wedge Scanner recommendations 11/1/07

The Symbol LS 2208 is a reliable, compact, wedge laser scanner.  Be certain to confirm that the scanner you buy includes the USB cord.  A 6 foot cord is adequate for most uses.  A longer cord may be used however, this increases the risk of tripping or tangling.  Where to buy ==> Symbol LS 2008

The wireless (Bluetooth) scanner for a laptop that we recommend is the Socket Cordless Hand Scanner mfg part# CX2800-489

The scanner for either an iPAQ or Dell Axim PDA is the Socket In-hand Laser scanner manufacturer part# IS5025-609

These scanners may also be obtained on auction sites such as eBay.

We do not recommend CCD or CMOS scanners.  They are not as effective as laser scanners and the SD slot may be required for expanded memory.

Device recommendations 10/1/07

HP iPAQ 2495 ~ $400 - Does best job of keeping scanner driver in memory, HP iPaq 2790 ~ $450.  New model iPaq 210 has not been released yet.

New HP iPaq 210 ~ $450 The less expensive 110 does not have a CF expansion slot so, it can not be used to scan and have expanded memory for PocketRep 6.

Dell Axim X50v and X51v ~$400 No longer manufactured, probably available on eBay or otherwise remanufactured.

Extended battery recommended for all to last through a full day.


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