Adding Value to Services

Manufacturers' Reps attract the best lines, add value to their services, and save money with BrokerForce™

BrokerForce™ is the state-of-the-art tool for tracking commissions, accepting and relaying orders, customer relationship management, and  catalog management. It adapts to a broad range of selling scenarios and enables the rep agency to take superior care of their customers while increasing their sales capabilities.  The program is intuitively operated using a convenient tab strip for instant information access.  Its design takes full advantage of Microsoft Office™ products and other on-line services.

How can reps attract the best lines? Use BrokerForce™!  It satisfies the electronic integration demands of the best suppliers by automating E-mail, EDI, and data import/export processes.  It promotes brand name recognition by adding the principals' logos to their orders, and it hyperlinks to product information and graphics on the principals' Web sites. 

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products gives agencies using BrokerForce™ a new level of professionalism.  It mail merges to Microsoft Word, exports order sheets to Excel, places follow-up appointments into Outlook, and can automatically address and send orders via Outlook e-mail.

How can data add service value? Data by itself doesn't add value.   However, with BrokerForce™, an agency can interpret and manage this data to provide value added services.  Automated price list imports allows manufacturer data to be syndicated to the customer in an appropriate format with prices that are specific to that customer. 

BrokerForce™'s sales trend reports are easily delivered to the agency's customers to help take the guess work out of buying.   These reports are highly regarded by customers because they provide crucial information like what to buy, how much to buy, and when to buy.  Whether orders are entered only as an invoice amount or entered in their entirety with line item details, BrokerForce™ can translate this data into meaningful comparative analyses reports for a decisive competitive advantage.

Value is influenced by the level of information that can be stored.  Any rep can say, "I'll get the manufacturer to mail you a catalog in a week."   BrokerForce™ reps can click a hyperlink and say, "I'm on the principal's web site, would you like me to fax or e-mail their current product information to you now?"

Improved order management also improves customer service.  In BrokerForce™, orders are tracked from their inception through closure with the ability to schedule follow-ups and automatically fill back orders.  

How can having BrokerForce™ save money? First, agencies equipped with BrokerForce™ track their own commissions with accuracy that will impress their principals. Commissions that might otherwise be lost will be realized by presenting complete, detailed, professional looking statements to principals on a timely basis.   Second, better order management reduces order error rates and related costs that swallow up profits and commissions. Third, money is saved when orders are electronically entered and/or transmitted eliminating transposition errors common to hand written, faxed orders.   E-mail your orders directly from BrokerForce™ to reduce long distance fax charges. Finally, the ability to rank account and line performance allows the agency to better allocate financial and labor resources so that their representatives work smarter, not harder.

It all adds up.  BrokerForce™ increases an agency's level of professionalism to attract the best lines and retain the best customers through improvements to customer services.  Agencies equipped with BrokerForce™ save time, money, and allocate their precious resources more efficiently.

Get it - BrokerForce™ offers scalable solutions including  Solo, Team, and Enterprise versions. Working by yourself or tracking orders with only one computer? Consider BrokerForce™Solo.  For offices sharing data on a network, with 10 users or less, use BrokerForce™Team.   If your expanding business requires adding reps, and taking orders in the field, use BrokerForce™Enterprise.   With Enterprise, reps can take orders on the road or at home with a replica of the main database, and the agency will be prepared for e-commerce on the Internet. 

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