Sales, Ordering, and Contact Management Software

Based on a comparison of features, BrokerForce is the best brokerage software value available.  The links below should help you decide that for yourself.  We've created a list of BrokerForce Key Features that you can print and compare to the alternatives we found below.  Look for flexibility and the ability to leverage the power of the Internet, Microsoft Office and Windows. We think you will agree that BrokerForce™ will provide the best return on your investment. Don't see yours?  Contact Us.

Company Description Convert
Aerolite No longer available, a DOS based software. We convert customer, products, and order history including line item detail. Yes
ACT "ACT! turns contacts into relationships, and relationships into results."  Yes
Boomerang "...the perfect Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution for the wholesale Gift, Garden, and Home Decorative Accessories market. First, merged w/Showroom Solutions (see below), later acquired by Brandwise 10/03 Yes
Brandwise "Integrating, automating, and optimizing the entire sales process" Yes
The Commi$$ioner!! is more than just another program for entering your purchase orders and invoices. Yes
DataSense Developers of RepTime Yes
eMax for Brokers "...a complete order processing and reporting system designed specifically for brokers and reps."  
Goldmine "contact manager combines contact management, day and time planning, sales automation, and mail list management with group calendaring, database design, data synchronization and e-mail messaging to create an enterprise-wide, business solution." Yes
Insyncsolutions "data entry and commission check reconciliation outsourcing service." ?
KnowIT No longer available, a DOS based software.  We convert manufacturer, products, contacts, and order history with line item detail. Yes
MACS "the virtual community for manufacturers' reps using or exploring MACS, since 1973 the leading software system for successful sales agencies. Yes
MrBroker Windows 3.1 software program designed for: Brokers with Sub-Reps that represent Many Vendors with Many Products, and have Many Customers." We convert. Yes
Profit Works "our application services provide you with reliable secure access from any Internet connection, anywhere, anytime." Requires Internet connection. Yes
RepDollar 2000 Sales Automation Software specializing in Sales Analysis and Tracking, and Commission Reconciliation.  
REPS for Windows Windows - style program made for Rep Firms, REPS can be run on any Windows 3.1x, Windows-95 or Windows-NT computer in your office. The software is available in Single-User, Multi-User or Networking, and Laptop-Computer versions." Yes
Repsoft "The best investment you can make in the perceived professionalism of your company!" ?
RepSys truly inter-related database designed specifically for Manufacturer's representatives"   Several add-on modules at additional cost.  No known web site. Yes
Road Warrior Software "Order - Entry Software Created for the Professional Manufacturer's Representative" ?
RPMS  Sold in modules or features (convert version 7 only) Yes
Showroom Solutions "Smart Automation" Commission Tracking Module1 additional costs may apply for this module. Acquired by Brandwise 10/03. Yes
SMS Toy Rep Software Yes
Vogue Rep "sophisticated and easy-to-use computer software from RTI" Yes
WeLoop SAMS "gives you the power to succeed."  Support priced by the pre-paid hour. Yes
WinRep "Advanced Software for Sales Agencies" with WinRep add-ons. Yes
WOW "A software program designed specifically for the manufacturer's representative..." Yes

* Note - Some of these companies are no longer in business or have changed their names due to acquisitions mergers etc.  BrokerForce automatically imports your data from some of these programs and import, for a fee from most database programs that do not use a proprietary format.