What's new in BrokerForce III

Patent 6,901,380 awarded to BrokerForce for a Merchandising System Utilizing an Intermittent Connection.  Integrate your BrokerForce™ contacts and calendar with Microsoft Outlook and your Palm or Pocket PC!

PocketRep 6.21 - Rewritten in Microsoft Dot Net, SQL Compact 3.5 Includes option drop lists, scans supplementals. Price: @$225

PocketRep  is the BrokerForce™ companion application for the Pocket PC to enter orders on your Symbol or HP iPAQ, Windows Mobile, or other Pocket PC device.  Add a  Socket In-Hand scanner and you can scan barcodes.  Print your Pocket PC orders to a printer with Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, or dock to a PC with a shared printer!  Dock your PocketRep, click a button, and transfer the orders directly into BrokerForce™ for on the road, trade shows, or showrooms.

All prior updates to BrokerForce™ are included in the latest update.  A current subscription is required for the updates.

3.0.60 - 2.1 (descending order chronologically)BrokerForce Tablet Logo


  1. 3.0.60 Corrected totals not showning “Comparative Sales by Month" report on Parent form.
  2. Added At-A-Glance sales totals at upper right of Parent form
  3. Added USR_2 show/hide to button on vendor form
  4. Several vendor exchanges added for orders export
  5. % change columns on "Comparative Sales by Month" report expanded to show % greater than 99%
  6. "Vendor" added as a sort/filter option on rep form list Added USR_2 show/hide to button on vendor form for inventory/top sellers now shows product note if set as a vendor preference
  7. Fixed issue with “0xea” on Orders with agency logo report
  8. 3.0.59 Restored ability to include/exclude programs and print the “Vendor Programs” report on vendor form without affecting orders.
  9. Added ability to setup a vendor to have products use tier-level pricing for the combined quantities within a product category.
  10. New EDI exchanges
  11. Ability to copy/paste products into the items subform on the form “Order Net Discount” report now includes agency logo.
  12. 3.0.58 Fix to avoid gray screen due to any known Windows updates.
  13. Consolidated comparative sales reports into one report on the vendor and representative tabs. Users can now group by 1, 2, or 3 groupings and enter date format as mm/dd/yyyy instead of mm/yy. Exports cleanly to Excel.
  14. Added <References> tab to customer form. Click button to right of tab, to add prior lines as references, add banks or other references to list. When a new line is ordered, user is prompted if the list of references should be attached to the order e-mail.
  15. 3.0.57 Added "Goal Lines" tab to Representative and Vendor forms for tracking sales goals by vendor for each rep.  Click <Copy Lines to Goals> button just above this new tab to get started.  Once lines are added and goals are set, click the <View Sales Goal Achievements> (lightning bolt icon) just above this tab to see goal status.  Provides dashboard of annual sales goals.  Tab <Goals> tab on vendor form to set goals for a vendor by rep.
  16. Added "Sales Goal Achievements" report to Representative form.
  17. Orders exchange setup for several new vendors
  18. Catalog <Page> number now shows at right side of Item# drop list.rop list.
  19. Corrections for "Comparative Sales by Month (Rep)" on Rep form.  Corrections for "Customer List" and "Order totals" reports on vendor form.
  20. 3.0.56 When orders are sent from the EDI form or the <Email Order> button is used on the order form, the order <Status> of each order sent to the vendor will be changed to "Transmitted" in addition to the usual transmitted to vendor entry with date and time stamp.
  21. <Print Preview> of orders on order form now prompts if credit card information should be removed if order is printed.
  22. Fixed issue with deleting line items on an order. 
  23. <Communications> tab added to vendor form
  24. <Sync Report> button added to Representative form for viewing last synchronization and program version number
  25. Customer form can now be filtered by zip code range.  Select range in <From> and <To> drop lists to left of <Contacts> list on customer form.  Great for territory reassignments.
  26. <Add This Contact to Outlook> button on customer and vendor forms.
  27. <Mark Transmitted> added to EDI form
  28. <Mark Transmitted> button added on the rep form's <CustNotSent> tab to clear our orders that have already been sent.
  29. Modified <Merge> button on rep form to avoid conflicts.   Use this to consolidate obsolete vendor information into one acccount.
  30. Added <Heir> to rep form <Orders> list for viewing what parial replicas will inherit this order history
  31. Added <Ctrl-W> on customer form to toggle between worksheet and single form view of customers.
  32. Rep commission statements now color coded by Road, Show, Direct.
  33. 3.0.55 New <CustNotSent> tab on Representative form. Select multiple orders not transmitted to multiple customers, click s, click to batch e-mail their orders at one time. A separate e-mail is created for each customer. Rep commission statements are now color coded by road/show/direct order types.
  34. Added “Item Sales Totals (Category)” report on vendor form
  35. Two new labels for printing from a continuous label printer
  36. “Show Order Comparisons”: On vendor form, select "Order Totals Crosstab". Select option, order date range, "Year" as , "Day" as (Column), and select order types e.g. "LA Show" "LA"... from a multi-select list.
  37. "Customer List (by Parent)" report to customer form
  38. Set Option 2 preference for each vendor to "Page" so that their catalog page number is shown on your orders
  39. Added ability on order form to consolidate (merge) order types. Just double-click on the order type of the current order.
  40. Fix for Customer header and vendor footers of unlimited text length:Fix for reselecting on existing order and recalculating items: Fix for current year sales column labels on "Comparative Sales Month To Date" reports.
  41. Several improvements to "Namedrop" features.
  42. 3.0.54 <Split-Out> button added to toolbar at top right (one page to two pages icon).  When items are added to an order with a begin (first or next available) date that is subsequent to the requested ship date on the order, those items can be split-out into separate orders so that the items do not appear as back ordered.  Version 3.0.54c
  43. <No Backorders> option added to customer form as default for customer and as option to order form to display a highlighted "No Backorders" on the printed order header.
  44. New <Vendor> summary tab on the upper right of the order form.  This will show minimums, and notes about the vendor such as what credit cards that they accept.
  45. Improvements for begin date and next avaialble date to show on each line item detail of an order is subsequent to requested order date.
  46. Fix for adding vendor contacts directly on the vendor form and added 2nd and 3rd contact phone numbers to the customer and vendor contacts lists.
  47. 3.0.53 <Email Order> button on order form now separates customer and vendor e-mails. Sends any orders to vendors with credit card information as password encrypted file Sends customer copy of order with only last 4 digits of card number and card type
  48. New feature to magnify line item details of orders on mini-netbooks.  Click the <Columns> button on the bottom of the order from, place check in <Magnify>
  49. Unlimited push-pin mapping with sales history, name, address, and phone numbers. Can be e-mailed to your mobile phone or tablet!  Simply preview and close the "Customer List Map" report on the vendor or customer forms.
  50. Get a map of the most effient drive route for up to 26 stops using the "Customer List Route" report on the customer form.
  51. To view a map of "Customers with Product".  When you preview and close this report on the <Products> form, answer <Yes> to output it to a map.
  52. Can now add an unlimited length order header to a customer's order or an ulimited lenght order footer for a vendor. Use this to add vendor disclaimers or customer specifcations to an order header or footer using tab on vendor or customer form.
  53. When you click on order form, can go directly to EDI form with correct format if vendor perfers EDI Customer/Vendor contacts can now be added directly on the customer or vendor forms
  54. Temporary files are now stored in one easy to clean "My Documents\tempBf" folder
  55. Restored <New Order> button on customer form.
  56. Corrected EDI processes to prevent "Path not found" on all computers
  57. Commission rate can now be set by vendor by customer on the vendor customer number form
  58. Order Totals Crosstab report now filters out credits and back orders from reports. Also added "Day" option to the Order Totals Crosstab report for day by day comparison of year over year for trade show comparisons.
  59. Added <Day> option on Order totals crosstab
  60. 3.0.52 Added rank by number of orders. This removes the volitility of Key Accounts
  61. When is entered as a negative amount on an order, order how shows "Discount" instead of "Freight" as label
  62. Fix for path not found on EDI order exports
  63. When two reps call on same account, division is now set by division of vendor, customer, and rep
  64. Correction for "Orders Journal" when run form rep form, no longer prompts for parameter when exported to Excel
  65. Restored RC2 (Learning Curve) default to "Orders_ASCII(toy)" order export
  66. 3.0.51 Added "Orders Transmitted" report on vendor form.
  67. Revised EDI so that orders are not automatically checked.
  68. Orders that are missing vendor customer numbers are detected and cannot be checked to transmit for vendors that require customer numbers.
  69. Added order export profiles for LockerLookZ, Corolle Dolls, Biar Patch, Arteriors, Regal Art, Surya.
  70. Rep form added, "New Customers" report. Vendor Form, added "Comparative Sales by Order Type" report. 
  71. Added <Phone> and <City> buttons on order form to restrict customer selection for a new order. Makes finding a ship to customer faster and easier.
  72. Added more address information and rows for selecting a on new orders. Added more information to item number drop list. Drop list now includes Price, and Availability.
  73. When e-mailing "Order w/Pictures", user is now prompted "Include zip file attachment of images?"
  74. New contact records no lnger default a space as middle initial. This caused an issue with a space in rep PO#s. 
  75. Modified "Order UPC w/Bar" to print EAN bar code if applicable
  76. Enforces adding ship to number if required by vendor for EDI.
  77. Fix for e-mail address display on orders_fax_e-mail in RTF format.
  78. Modified Customer, Rep, and Vendor merge processes to avoid conflicts for replicated data.
  79. Last udpated and where added now shows on the order form at right above line items. When the mouse is hovered over the date, it will show where the order was added.
  80. Fix for <Check All> button above list of orders on EDI form.
  81. "Merge" added to customer drop list for reps to indicate that customer record needs to be merged by an administrator.
  82.  Fix for "Order Totals (Customer)" on rep form for when option to view territory totals is chosen. Was not filtering enough records.
  83. Added button to toolbar to output any report as PDF without e-mailing it. Ctrl-D also outputs report to PDF.
  84. Fixed issue when adding new bill to contact on order form. If new bill contact, user is prompted if this contact should become the default. If a contact is chosen from the <Ship to contact> on the order form, user is now prompted if that contact's address should be used for the ship to. This is useful for drop-ship and freight forwarding information. Revised issue with disabled rep name on EDI list of orders to enable sorting. 
  85. Locked rep change on customer form orders list in lieu of administrative password.
  86. When orders are bing transmitted EDI, the application auto-detects the export format once the vendor is chosen.
  87. 3.0.50 "Customer List" report on Customer form now includes missing customers when using <Filter By Selection>. Adjusts inventory from order form when invoice number is missing and user clicks <Adjust Inventory> Fixed "Item Sales Totals (current product)" report on customer form to eliminate duplicates. Fixed "Order Totals" report on vendor form to enable printing by "Division" for those with vendors separated by division. Added "Order Type" as grouping for "Comparative Sales (rep)" on rep form for determining order type Added a number of new EDI order exports for different vendors. Added column on rep form customers list
  88. 3.0.49 Simplified FTP order transfers, now even easier than e-mail Added
  89. <Transmitted Clean-Up> button on vendor form to clean out un-transmitted orders
  90. Corrected issue for removing invalid carachters on price list import for 3 of 9 labels
  91. Added <Sign Email> button on order form to use your signature instead of default for orders that are sent using <Email Order> on order form
  92.  If temporary folder does not exist on the computer, default is to BrokerForce data folder
  93. FTP dialog is now automatically opened for vendors that receive EDI orders through FTP User is no longer prompted to create hyperlink, it is automatically created.
  94. Added "new Customers" report to vendor form
  95. 3.0.48 Vendor form is much faster to load
  96. Vendor/Rep now supports commission splits by vendor by rep for orders. List the lines that a rep has in their line package (what vendors they represent)
  97. Improvement for MS Outlook Automation so that some users that could not get BrokerForce to connect with their MS Outlook now can
  98. 3.0.47 Added electronic order transfers for Jumpin Banana, Room It Up,
  99.  Dramatic speed inscreease for partial replica synchronization. Now takes seconds rather than minutes.
  100. 3.0.46  "Customer Contact Completion" report added to <Representative> form to asses the potential effectiveness of e-mail and fax blast campaigns. Shows primary phone, fax, email, and contact person as percentages for each rep's territory.
  101. Partial replicas can now synchronize even faster.  Most synchronization are under one minute.
  102. 3.0.45 -Added "Items Sales totals (Rep)" on vendor form. Enables users to separate item sales by rep
  103. Added EAN Bar code labels and EAN font
  104. Added "Order Totals Grouped" report to rep and vendor forms.  Use this report to rank sales by two groupings e.g. What are top 10 customers of my top reps?
  105. Added <Percent commission paid> on Booked V Shipped report.
  106. Added several vendor order export profiles
  107. Added number of <Quotes> to display on customer form as dashboard metrics with YTD and LYTD$
  108. AAdded "Agency Line Card w/Logo" report on vendor form. Now shows rep contact information if that option is checked in <My Company Setup>
  109. <History> button above customer list on vendor form now shows history of customer selected with that vendor/li>
  110. <Show> customer e-mail address on order form option now prompts if choice is to be saved as default
  111. Fixed issue for partial replicas not being able to use customer tab on vendor form
  112. Fixed issue of adding a new line for a customer on the orders form.
  113. Fixed issue w/Order Totals Crosstab report not sorting by correct column
  114. PaPatch for "Customer List (Prospects)" report on vendor form for new data format.
  115. Fixed issue of <Programs> tab being disabled on order form
  116. Fixed pop-up calendar issue on interim version of BrokerForce
  117. 3.0.44 - Added feature to <Transmitted" journal that if "Direct" is selected for <How>< that order type defaults to "Direct"
  118. Set block on orders to be transmitted to exclude "Direct" orders that do not have invoice information
  119. 3.0.43<New Order> button added to customer form3.0.45
  120. <Filter Descripiton> now available on products form to filter products by a portion of the item description, (remove vendor name at top of form to see all vendor products)
  121. When "Direct" is selected as <How> on <Transmitted> entry, From defaults to "Customer", <To> defaults to Vendor
  122. Vendor Programs <End Date> now defaults to 11:59:59 PM time to prevent lapsing a day ealry
  123. New <Lines> tab added to rep form.  Will be used to customize a rep's line card and splits by vendor.  Sales goals by rep by vendor will be available soon
  124. Prices of zero no longer show on the product labels
  125. Only one update now updates either 64 bit or 32 bit computers
  126. 3.0.42 - Double-click on any report name to e-mail that report as a PDF file with MS Outlook
  127. Greatly improved support for images particularly for upselling an order
  128. <Phone> button on customer and contact forms now uses Google for information lookup instead of AnyWho.  Great for finding missing address information or background on a sales lead
  129. 3.0.41 Corrected erroneous duplicate option error message.
  130. Option Matrix order now accomodates "One Size", column 0 (zero) for items without size
  131. Changed customer phone lookup from AnyWho to Google (many more hits)
  132. Corrected order export issue when wrong export method was chosen for a vendor.
  133. Several new vendor order export profiles added
  134. Added rep's name to "Order Totals Crosstab" output to Excel when row = "Customer"
  135. Added customer <Type> and <Notes> to Orders List export to Excel
  136. Updated FTP dialog for Added to Customer List export Added tab at upper right of main order form
  137. 3.0.40 - Added 'Product List (missing picture)' report
  138. Customer Snapshot now sorts lines bought by order or invoice amount within the customer grouping. One can sort by YTD so that best customers come to top, and the lines those customers buy are sorted in descending order by YTD.
  139. 6570 Product label now substitutes 3 of 9 bar code for missing UPC
  140. Added <Check Status> button on vendor form to validate that order status is consistent with vendor and rep payments
  141. Batch e-mailing now places addresses into BCC field and prompts user for communications note
  142. Order report for vendor with 3 options added
  143. Added 'CLosed' as a customer <Status>. Customer List, Customer Labels, and Customer Snapshot reports modified to exclude these customers
  144. Default of Terms for vendors with a restricted list of terms does not inherit last order terms
  145. 3.0.39 - When filtering by form on the customer form, when you click <Email> on the top of the form, all e-mail addresses are put into the <BCC> of an Outlook e-mail instead of <To>.  This precludes recipients from seeing the addresses of other recipients.  Check with your service provider for limitations on the number of recipients.
  146. When above method is used, user is prompted if a commuications journal entry should be added for all recipients shown as the bill to contact for each customer.
  147. Added <Modify Transmitted> entries button at bottom of order form to enable a re-send of a batch of orders previously sent from the EDI form.
  148. Corrected several report issues
  149. 3.0.38 - If your agency started before Janyary 1st, 2007 and your data has not been appded since that time, you will not be able to use this version or any future updates without having your data appended to the new format.
  150.  This version, and those going forward will be able to take advantage of the new fields and tables that have been recently added. 
  151.  Added the ability to set an administrative password for two distinct user groups.  This is separate from the general agency password and will have subordinate rights for viewing administrative information.
  152. The <AgencyID> that is shown on the top center of the vendor form is now shown on the printed orders.
  153. 3.0.35 - 3.0.37 Most updates in this series were for managing PocketRep 6 installations and data replacements on the device.
  154. 3.0.34 Added <Fax> option to <Email Order> process on order form to automate the use of an E-mail/Fax service like efax.com or send2.fax.com
  155. Added "Orders_Fax_E-mail(PDF)" to the <EDI> tab for exports.  If this is not available from the <Export> drop list on the EDI form, please contact support@brokerforce.com
  156. Added support for UMPC resolution of 1024 x 600
  157. Modified <Promotions> subform so that item promotions can be copied and pasted from a worksheet into this subform.  Ask for FAQ on this
  158. Added "Invoice Count" to "Order Totals Crosstab" amount selections. when run by vendor by month by year is a great way to anticipate invoice patterns.
  159. Added support for asterisk * wild card  when using <Find Item> search on order form. Place asterisk in back for begins with, place star at front and back for "Contains" what you are searching for.
  160. Added "Division" filters for Comparative Sales by Month, Booked Versus Shipped, Order Totals, and Order Totals Crosstab reports when run from the vendor form.
  161. Added option to show catalog page number on item sales reports
  162. Customer List and labels may now be sorted in descending order by Last Year or YTD order amounts.
  163. 3.0.33 All reports can now automatically export to e-mail as a PDF file that includes graphics:  Double-click on any report name after setting report parameters.  Report is automatically output to PDF file and attached to an e-mail with a form-appropriate e-mail address.
  164. Improvements to fixed commission (cents per pound) support for posting invoices and display of anticipated amounts
  165. Improvements to ZipOrderIt popup for showing availability
  166. Support for linked images on hard drive.  Images must be named item number followed by an image file suffix e.g. jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx.  Small files load more quickly.  Images must be in data subfolder with Universal ID folder name.  Print orders with images and view product image on ZipOrderIt popup.
  167. Last Order date, YTD, Last YTD, and Last Year order amounts now shown on order screen in upper right
  168. "Customer List" report now has multi-select <Customer Type> for listing and exporting customer list for Fax Blasts or E-mail Blasts
  169. ZipOrderItcan now make up-sell recommendations for top sellers.  Use <Rank> button on product form to rank items, enter number to right of ZipOrderIt (lightening bolt) button above line item details, click <ZipOrderIt> button.
  170. Added <Check Errors> button on order form at bottom right for checking Copy and Paste errors when pasting line items from an Excel sheet.
  171. Added error checking for overlapping size and scale when adding options for printing orders with color and size in a matrix.
  172. 3.0.32 Required update for Internet Synchronization
  173. New "Customer List (Parent)" on vendor form enables users to rank sales by parent company by customer.  The "Customer List" report has been renamed "Customer List (Phone Book)" and a new, simplified "Customer List" report that can also be ranked has taken its place. "Customer List" and "Customer List (Parent)" reports now also feature "Last Year To Date" to "Year to Date" comparisons.
  174. Reduces Internet Synchronization times with increased security
  175. Adapted date labels on Order reports for apparel to use "Start" and "Complete" instead of "Ship" and "Cancel".
  176. Embellished the popular ZipOrderIttool to offer a recommended order by sales rank
  177. Added option feature to either delete or set order status to "Canceled" for obsolete backorders using <XBackorder> button on vendor form.
  178. Added Pack, Minimum Quantity, Minimum Unit, Weight, and Cube to <Item Sales Pop-up> guide.  Double-click on the record handle of an item on the order to see this very useful pop-up.
  179. 3.0.31 How can BrokerForce make you more money? ZipOrderIt™ Please see the update e-mail for instructions of how to use this incredible feature.  If you own BrokerForce, you won't want your competition to know.
  180. Modify a vendor's preferences (setup) to track commission by fixed amount instead of as a percentage.  Ideal for cents per pound on commodities.
  181. Commission statement for cents per pound
  182. Improved support for contract level pricing
  183. 3.0.30 Print product labels for an order.  Just received samples w/bar code on package? Scan it print a pricing label.  Price changes? Scan old labels print new ones.  Select "Product Labels..." from the <Reports> drop list on order form to use.
  184. Customer Specific Zip Order Guide (lightening bolt icon) button above order entry line item details now has option to show only items previously ordered.  Double click item record handle to show sell-through, picture, availability, next available.
  185. Embellished invoice import process to use vendor's unit price for line items if invoice total missing.  17 new vendors providing electronic invoices this week!
  186. Embellished EDI 850 order export to be even easier and lock previously sent orders
  187. 3.0.29 <E-mail> orders button now exports order to PDF file and attaches it to your e-mail by default instead of RTF (Rich Text Format)
  188. After selecting a report and setting your preferences. double-click on the report report name to e-mail a copy of the report as a PDF file.
  189. Revision to make Agency Line card report print faster and include vendor Programs that are within their current date range and is much faster
  190. Numerous revisions for support of new fields and tables for tracking user changes and future support of new versions of PocketRep.
  191. Bookend UPC\EAN\JAN is now supported.  You must contact BrokerForce support for database design changes for your agency.
  192. Revised order reports to allow for extra width required for prices with decimal places greater than 2
  193. Modified order item filters to be self-clearing when leaving order details section
  194. New customers added from customer or invoice import now show the vendor's name as <Referred By>
  195. 3.0.27 Critical Update for credit card security.  Purges credit card information from your notes by replacing credit card numbers with the credit card type and last 4 digits of the number.
  196. 3.0.26  Added "Item Sales Totals (current product)" report to customer form.  This report for current products only, eliminates duplicated items because the description and item number are pulled form the current products list by item number only.
  197. Added "Active Status only?" prompt to 'Customer Type Count' report.  Helpful to see 'Prospect' versus 'Active'
  198. Changed <Cust#s> tab on Customers form to list all lines
  199. New <Quotations?> button on upper right of main order. Click once to filter for "Quotation" <Status> orders. Click again to remove the filter.
  200. Vendor Programs are now sorted in descending order by begin date
  201. New <XBackOrders> button on vendor form (full replicas, Solo, Team data only).  Click to delete one vendor's backorders prior to a date you enter.
  202. Vendor Customer Numbers now displayed as list on customer form instead of single form view.
  203. Customer and invoice import processes now include bill to and ship to number combinations.  (BrokerForce Enterprise w/Internet synchronization only)
  204. Cents per pound or otherwise fixed commission per unit is now supported.  Set vendor option 1 influence to "@".
  205. 3.0.25 Added <Z> US Census Zip Code lookup button just above bill to postal code on customer form.  Use this to profile that area's sales potential
  206. Modified a number of reports for spacing, filter issues, etc.
  207. Improved order entry speed for product matrix
  208. Updates for a number of manufacturers' electronic order transmissions
  209. 3.0.24 Updated invoice import process to include Ship To and Bill To customer numbers. Adds option to map commission by line item.
  210. Added "Customers Without Road Orders" report for managing at-risk direct sales.
  211. Prevent customer drift in new rep filtered replicas
  212. Discontinue rep synchronization without inconvenience to others
  213. Support for additional vendors data exchanges.  BrokerForce now supports more than 100 manufacturers for electronic order and invoice exchanges.
  214. 3.0.23 FTP dialog now shows file transfer progress and can open subfolders.
  215. Correction for <Customers> tab on vendor form freeze issue
  216. Correction for adding a new vendor customer number when duplicating orders for a parent company.
  217. 3.0.21 <History> button added to vendor form when viewing <Orders> list.  Click the <History> button to see recent or history and order type as pop-up for the customer of the current order/invoice.
  218. EDI transfer or orders now lists orders to be transmitted much faster
  219. Customers With Product and Customers Without Product reports now export their results to Excel including e-mail addresses.
  220. 3.0.20 Map multiple addresses from a customer list in BrokerForce™ 
  221. Addition of filter (funnel icon) above <Product Name> on the order form's line item details. Click to enter any portion of what you are looking for to narrow the selection of product descriptions. Click a second time and press enter to remove the filter.
  222. Setting <Industry> = 'Electronics' results in showing "Required" instead of "Cancel" date on printed orders.
  223. Modified order header to show Vendor's PO number and invoice number if an invoice has been posted
  224. Added field to prominently display "Show" at the top of printed orders if the Order Type has "Show" anywhere in the order type.
  225. 3.0.19 Correction for tab sequence on order form
  226. <Communications> tab added to customer form enables user to add communications entries for the contact selected from the <Bill To Contact> drop list below bill to address block.
  227. 3.0.15 Added new <Zip Data> (lightening bolt) button on exit screen to create zip file of data for archival or uploading by FTP to BrokerForce.
  228. Added new <Check Path> button on exit screen to restore backup or direct synchronization path to last known default path.
  229. Added <Ship To Number> column next to <Vendor Customer Number> column to make it easier to add bill to/Ship To numbers.
  230. Corrects program freeze issue of clicking the <Customers> tab on the vendor form.
  231. Improvements for importing vendor price lists to correct empty strings for note, category, or UPC.
  232. 3.0.14 New "Booked Versus Shipped" report on customer, vendor, and rep forms.  Grouped by vendor by customer on vendor form, by customer by vendor on customer form, by rep by vendor on rep form.  Shows percentage shipped for selected date range
  233. Addition of filter (funnel icon) above VendorItem on the order form's line item details section to narrow the user's selection of item codes from the <VendorItem> drop list.
  234. Fix for synchronization exit screen.
  235. Addition of <Ship To Customer Number> support for all customers. The Vendor Customer Number is now used as the Bill To Customer Number.  Is most cases, the bill to and ship to number are the same.  However, if you have a bill to with multiple ship to locations, you will need to use this new feature.
  236. 3.0.13 "Orders_Excel" import option added to <Import> drop list on EDI form.  For customers, orders, and invoice importing, this feature is only available for Internet synchronizers.
  237. New customer addition during invoice/customer list import automatically updates that vendor's customer number
  238. "Catalog_Excel" import process revised to validate every column's data type and text length.  Process now supports up to 90 price list columns of information versus a limitation of 15 columns before.
  239. Fix for duplicating an order with contract pricing
  240. Fix for "Orders Fax_Email (Customers)" line item sort of orders based on user selection.
  241. Fix to remove duplicate items in customer form's "Item Sales Totals" report.
  242. Addition of PerfectVendor™ orders export.
  243. 3.0.12 EDI 850 and 997 X12 Data exchange to FTP site
  244. Products with repeating item number but new option now jumps from quantity to next row, repeats item number, goes to next item in option list, awaits user input
  245. Price list import gives user option to mark discontinued items with end date or remove
  246. 3.0.11 10/10/06 Added <YTD Last>, <YTD This>, and <% Change> to customers subform on vendor form.  Increases greater than 10% highlighted in green, losses are highlighted in red. It's a great dashboard snapshot of how this vendor's sales are doing.  Try selecting "Last YTD" from the <Sort By> drop list to see where you can recover sales.
  247. New "Order w/Options Matrix" report on the main order form.  Excellent for minimizing the length of the order report for shoes, apparel, hardware, framed art, and others.
  248. New <Find Detail> button on the order form will find any order with any item by any of the fields (SN#, samples, note, option, status, item number, description...) available for line item details.  Tip: Filter by vendor or customer by right-clicking on the vendor or customer and selecting <Filter by Selection>
  249. Added "Vendor Item Completion" report and subform to the <Products> form.  Use it to see how much was ordered of an item versus shipped.  Double-click to jump to the original PO for that item.
  250. Added <Zip Code Limit> button to order and customer forms.  Click the button, and enter any zip code prefix to restrict the customer drop list to only ship to locations in that zip code (postal code) range.
  251. 3.0.10 9/12/06 Revision of invoice and payment posting process eliminates several keystrokes and reduces error rates.  It's the fastest that there is!
  252. Revision to RTF orders to account for option price influences
  253. Long Description text is now centered on orders versus right justified
  254. Added Order RTF w/cover sheet to e-mail export of Orders ASCII (Oak Street)
  255. Improvements for speed of posting invoices and payments on vendor form's orders list
  256. Revision to MS Outlook and MS Word integration - Corrects "Automation Object" error on most machines for e-mail, calendar, and Word Merge integrations.
  257. 3.0.09 8/25/06 New <Load Pics> button added to the Products form for loading all picture files from a directory with file names that are the same as the vendor's item numbers.  All files must have same suffix (jpg, gif, png, pdf)
  258. Restored old version of Orders Journal to complement new Orders Journal(rep)
  259. Fixed issue with applying payments and running multiple rep commission statements
  260. Added user option to exclude backorders for vendor commission statement and open orders
  261. Revised options on order form for updating to current vendor's options and adding options for options without price influence
  262. Added ability to scan by item or UPC between items on an order in BrokerForce
  263. Added orders export features for EDI 850 transactions, Oak Street, and ACCPAC inventory distribution systems.
  264. Added <Zip> code customer lookup button on customer form. Click <Zip>, enter prefix of zip code or entire zip code to restrict customer lookup list.
  265. Fix for skipping labels.
  266. 3.0.08 8/1/06 Added "Anticipated", "Anticipated (Rep)" to <Totals> drop list for "Order Totals Crosstab" report.  This combined with invoice date range, shows anticipated commission, not paid. Also added "Order Date" to <Field> (column) drop list for this report to view order amounts by date (great for show date comparisons).
  267. Fixed freeze issue of price changes on orders subform
  268. Added recognition of SD card on PocketRep for exporting Products list to expansion card to save working memory.
  269. 3.0.07 7/6/06 modified Vendor commission statement to print for all vendors with page between each vendor.
  270. Expanded space on RTF report to accommodate larger option strings
  271. Enabled printing of all vendor commission statements in batch
  272. Added <Merge> button to vendor form for merging vendors.
  273. Added <Ctrl-T> as command to toggle view of BrokerForce toolbar on/off.  Works well for wide-screen monitors
  274. Added <Ctrl-M> as command to toggle view of menu ribbon on/off.
  275. 3.0.06  6/15/06 Added <Delete> and <Merge> buttons to vendor form for vendor maintenance
  276. Improved "Agency Line Card" report on vendor form
  277. Revisions for sorting and grouping on commission statement reports for vendors and reps.
  278. Product form added "Products with Bad UPCs" report for spotting common errors in UPC codes for scanning
  279. Added new "Product labels 39 Avery 5160(Tier)" report to Product form for multi-level pricing
  280. Added "Product Labels UPCA 5167(tier)" report to products form for multi-level pricing
  281. Added "Quotation Net Only" report to order form to show only the net price after discounts given
  282. 3.0.05 - 5/1/06 Added support for Vendor Programs.  These are notes for a vendor that can be selected for printing on orders and/or the agency line card.
  283. Revised the "Order Totals" report to include percentage contributions relative to the group and report totals.
  284. Revision for freeze issue affecting the program when price changes are made during the entry of order details.
  285. 3.0.04 - 3/10/06 (BETA) Support for 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  286. New user defined label for drop list (formerly Department) on order form and printed orders.
  287. Ability to select decimal places line item details on order form and orders.  Click <Setup>, <Line Item Places>
  288. Show/Hide line item detail columns on order entry form
  289. Communications notes now accessible on customer form
  290. Vendor promotional (program) notes added as tab to vendor form.  Include/Exclude on line card and orders option in next update
  291. Support for 255 character, long product description, for each order details on an order for custom product specifications.  This may require porting your data to new data set.
  292. Added "Order Amount by Month" on rep form to group by rep by vendor or customer.  Inserts page break between reps.
  293. Revised show/hide columns on vendor orders list.
  294. Date controls now recognize arrow keys, page up and page down for changing dates.
  295. 2.677 -  Added "Product Labels UPCA 1x2in" and "Product Labels 39 1x2in" reports for moderate size label with 2 tier level pricing.
  296. Corrected rep filter issue w/Email Order button on main order form.
  297. 2.675 - 'Customer List (Prospects)' added to Customer and Vendor <Reports>. For customers with "Prospect" status, shows customer information, vendor that referred them based on their vendor customer number record, and communications journal entries for all related contacts.
  298. Corrected duplication error on vendor "Item sales Totals" report, corrected sort order on "Products List" on product form
  299. 2.674 - New 'PocketRep Maintenance' tools for support of hand-held devices running Microsoft Mobile 5
  300. Ability to clone PocketRep data for instant updating of hand-helds
  301. Much simpler and faster PocketRep installations.
  302. Greatly expanded support for the use of a scanner with a laptop.  Our favorite scanner is currently the Socket Cordless Hand Scanner using wireless Bluetooth technology.  If you are within 30 feet of your laptop, you can scan an order and see what item and quantity you just scanned! It's truly amazingly efficient.
  303. New Avery 5167 UPCA barcode tag now supports two tier pricing.
  304. 2.670 - Added <Email This Order> button on top center of the main order form.  User is prompted to e-mail to customer and vendor.  Both addresses are auto-filled and a transmitted journal entry is created for both.
  305. Support for PocketRep and Windows Mobile 5 devices.
  306. 2.669 - Critical update for offices using replicated data that are transmitting the road reps' orders to the manufacturers to spot possible synchronization issues with line item details before transmitting.
  307. Added prompt for Line Card when <All Vendors> is checked and "Comparative Sales" reports are run
  308. Added highlight of yellow for zero price products on order entry form and order reports.
  309. Added "Item Sales by Month (comparative)" report to customer form.  For a customer, this shows by vendor, by item what the customer ordered this year versus last vertically by month horizontally.  Excellent inventory guide.
  310. Revised comparative sales reports to show previous years' sales to 8 places
  311. 2.667 - Added invoice date range filter to the vendor form when posting orders/payments/invoices.  <From> and <To> date boxes now show to the upper left of the orders list on the vendor form. 
  312. 2.665 - 9/15/05 <Map> buttons now use MapQuest.com instead of MapsOnUs.com (recently acquired)
  313. Additions to Comparative Sales by Month (Customer) for reporting on previous months
  314. Item sales Totals reports now exclude "CNCL" canceled line items
  315. Increased width for Rep's fax numbers on RTF order form
  316. Added "Confirmed" as a transmitted orders journal type for vendor order confirmation
  317. Price list import now removes characters other than letters, numbers, or dashes from item numbers
  318. Focus moves to customer name when customer tab is clicked
  319. VendorOrderID is now checked for duplication when added/edited
  320. Support for PDF printing of reports
  321. 2.660 - 7/9/05 This update is required for PocketRep 3.02 update to support Options and volume level pricing in PocketRep
  322. Added "Options" bar code report to Products form.
  323. New feature for reps that use Internet synchronization to prevent duplicate customer records and avoid duplicate customer conflicts.
  324. 6/22/05 Added ability to cascade rep split using customers list on vendor form.  Can be done by filter or for a rep.  This enables split adjustments by vendor by customer by rep.
  325. 2.659 - 6/16/05 <F4> restored to <Drop List> and <F6> assigned to <Go To This Order>.
  326. 6/7/05 - <F4> assigned to <Go to this order> on the Parent, Customer, Vendor, and Representative form's order lists.
  327. <F5> assigned to <Fill This Backorder> on the main order form
  328. Duplicate customer additions on reps' data now lets the user know that they have entered a duplicate before synchronizing to avoid conflicts.
  329. 2.658 - Added "Order Ship Via" report to reports list on order form.  This adds a <Ship Via> address block to the order form for freight forwarders.
  330. Updated "Vendor List", "Comparative Sales By Month", "Order Totals Crosstab", and "Order Totals" reports.
  331. Fix for line item commission rate for new items not in current product list.
  332. 2.656 - Order Totals Crosstab can now filter canceled and quotation status orders
  333. Comparative Sales by Month reports modified to allow selection of previous month or year.  Added a version grouped by rep and then by user selection of second grouping on vendor form.
  334. Added orders list to EDI form for including/excluding orders for a transmission. 
  335. Included several new manufacturer profiles for orders exports.  Added bill to information for orders export and ability to restrict from sending orders without the vendor's customer number.
  336. 2.655 Support for PocketRep to recover from wrong agency, order discount.  PocketRep now auto-saves every 5 line items.
  337. "Orders" report on rep form now allows user to print batches of orders by <Bill To> name.
  338. Parent form, added by vendor by store as option to Item Sales Totals report.
  339. 2.654 Support for PocketRep <Cancel Date>
  340. Widened web link data on order form for company header,
  341. Important Change: Revised Order form and Order reports to show the Parent Company Name as the <Bill To> name on orders when a customer record has been affiliated with a Parent Company.
  342. Added prompt when viewing report to filter Comparative Sales By Month to filter for active vendors only when <All Vendors> has been selected.
  343. Modified Order RTF report to avoid text wrap of line item detail when e-mailed.
  344. 2.652 Revisions to improve PocketRep synchronization and reliability.
  345. Added vendor customer number to snapshot report, modified <Company Name> drop list on customer form to use consistent ship to address information, added check box for confirmation to orders fax e-mail cover sheet, modified rep commission statement report dialog to use the vendor payment received date range instead of ship date range, fixed tab order for zip code drop list on customer entry forms, all phone numbers now auto-format for 7, 10, and 11 digit formats.
  346. 2.651 - Added "Item Sales Totals (Customer)" to Vendor form's <Reports> list.  View sales by customer by item for the selected vendor.
  347. Added <Top> feature to "Customer Labels (Avery 5160)" on Customer form.  User can now choose to print labels for just the top number or top percentage of customers by <YTD> or <Last Year> order amounts.
  348. Added ability to assign a stocking keeping unit number (SKU) to products for a showroom to support data collection units such as Videx or others.  Added "Product labels 39 Avery 5167 SKU" and "Product Labels 39 SKU 5/8x1in" for printing labels for this type of showroom scanning.
  349. 2.65 - Embellished "Comparative Sales by Month" and "Comparative Sales Month to Date" reports to group by rep, then by vendor or customer when <All Reps> is checked on the Representative form.
  350. Modified the "Orders Fax_E-mail" from EDI process to go to next vendor after a batch of orders is transmitted.  Makes transmitting orders of multiple vendors a snap.
  351. 2.649 - Created check on "OrdersFax_E-mail" for missing details before transmission.  Added filter to same to prevent transmitting orders of another rep due to drift in a partial replica.
  352. Modified <FTP> dialog to be able to get files in addition to put files on a server.
  353. 2.648 - 3 more vendor defined options were added for a total of 5 options.  Options may have a price influence by percent or fixed amount.
  354. Vendor Commission statement now excludes quotation, canceled, and delete status orders.
  355. Revised "Customer Snapshot" to be able to sort by state then by city, fixed issue of "Ordered After" filter, added vendor user defined field to filter drop list on customer form.
  356.  2.646 - Customer drop list on Vendor Orders List on vendor form now show's rep's name at right of list.
  357. Commission percentage on order headers with line item details now calculates the commission estimate based on the extended commission rate of those details.
  358. Added "State or Province" as a sort for "Customer Snapshot" on the Customer form.  When this value is chosen as a sort, "City" will be a secondary sort within the states. 
  359. Auto-lookup of city, state, and rep by zip code when new customer record is entered.  Drop list is based on previous entries.
  360. Revised "Comparative Sales By Month", and "Customer Snapshot" reports
  361. 2.645 - Improved error handling when processing PocketRep orders with missing data or quotation marks.
  362. Added <Send to MS Word> button on toolbar for exporting reports to rich text format (RTF).  Good for AOL users to email orders and reports
  363. Added minimum back order and open order for vendor preferences
  364. Added customer and contact e-mail address to export process of "Customer Labels"
  365. Added FTP Dialog for synchronizing documents between local machine and an FTP server.  Includes password and login capabilities.
  366. 2.643 - Added product labels that use the easy to scan UPCA font - Smallest label is now 5/8x1in. UPCA Avery 5160 version supports multi-level pricing for price lists 5, 4, and 3. UPCA Avery 5167 includes  UPC#, MinQty, Pack, date printed, item number, and description. UPCA Avery 5167 Folded - folds around 1/2 x 3/4" hang tags so that a barcode is shown on both sides.
  367. Revised Order Totals Crosstab report to support "Vendor Payment Received" dates when "Vendor Paid" is chosen for totals.
  368. 2.642 - Support for Bluetooth, wireless scanning directly to a PC or laptop and another BrokerForce™ first
  369. Label reports now prompt for number of labels to skip, and number of copies
  370. New <Sort Zip>/<Sort Name> sorts customer locate list by name or by zip code for lookup by zip code
  371. Added <Page Setup> dialog for adjusting page margins.  First button on toolbar.
  372. 2.64 - Added % Road, Show, Direct summary to Orders Journal report
  373. Modified PocketRep synchronization to manage old data format
  374. Added <Sort Name> button to toggle <Company Name> drop list sort between alphabetic sorting and zip code sorting - Know who else is in that zip code
  375. Added support for Flic Bluetooth scanner for wireless scanning of items directly into BrokerForce™.
  376. 2.639 - Retains line item entry sequence of orders entered into PocketRep (must be combined with PocketRep 3.12 update)
  377. Added ability to reprint a Rep Commission Statement 2 for a selected check, sorted and grouped normally.
  378. Posting of partially shipped orders with a discount from invoice now factors that discount into the balance to be carried forward as a back order.
  379. Price list import automatically removes anything other than numbers from UPCs
  380. 2.638 - Modified "Comparative Sales by Month" report on customer form to allow user to select to print the report only for the current rep on the customer form.
  381. Added (PO fulfillment report) button to the vendor and customer forms,  shown when the <Filled> tab on these forms is selected.  Double-clicking the order on this subform moves focus to original order with line item detail.
  382. Modified catalog import process to remove any spaces in a vendor item: UPC numbers are automatically stripped of anything but numbers during import.
  383. 2.637 - added rep's name to Excel export of Orders Journal
  384. 2.636 - New UPC-A font added to application.  This is now used in the "Product Labels Avery 6570" report on product form for hang-tags.  *UPC codes are required.
  385. Revised price lists to default to highest price column number instead of lowest.
  386. Revised volume level pricing for more than 2 levels of pricing.  6 levels are supported.
  387. 2.63 - Added "Vendor orders without transmitted entries" drop list on synchronization form to show what new orders have not been transmitted.
  388. When user chooses to export a report to Microsoft Excel, the program no longer waits for Excel to be closed.
  389. Customer Item Sales (Avg Cost) report now exports to Excel.
  390. Fix for change of agency name between synchronizations of PocketRep(tm)
  391. <Rank> has been added to the products table for the item's relative sales rank
  392. Revised <Item Sales> pop-up to include stock levels, number of orders, and product sales rank.
  393. Added connection settings for Internet connection to Synchronization page
  394. 2.628 - User is now prompted "Include Order Amounts?" when the "Customer Labels (Avery 5160)" report is closed and data is exported to Excel.
  395. User can select "Item Sales Totals (avg. Cost)" on Customer instead of the "Item Sales Totals" report that shows last paid and groups by category.  Much faster to run.
  396. 2.627 - Vendor and Customer Comparison reports now output results to Excel.
  397. BrokerForce™ no longer waits for process to end when data is output to Excel.
  398. When <Invoiced> is checked on "Open Purchase Orders Detailed" report, user is prompted "Suppress zero balance orders?"
  399. Fix for full post shipped quantities when posting invoices and setting status to "Invoiced". 
  400. Removed italics from order note on entry form. 
  401. Exported RTF files sort by line item detail choice.  Tab Delimited or ASCII orders export now uses short file names.
  402. 2.625 Print catalog with barcodes and pictures.  Recommend 1x1.5" thumbnails
  403. Accelerated process for posting ship quantities for line item detail
  404. When direct order added from vendor form, rep defaults to rep assigned to that vendor/customer
  405. Revised backorder dialog for posting discount from invoice (DFI) orders.
  406. Any option other than "Unit" now prints to right of the product description on orders
  407. 2.623 - Revision to <PocketRep Synchronize> for Pocket PC 2003 work-around.
  408. Added <E-mail> button to vendor form for e-mailing vendors within form's filter
  409. Added <Check for 'inactive' status> (check mark icon) button on customer form.  When clicked, user is prompted to enter a date to be used to tag all 'Active' status customers as 'Inactive' if they haven't ordered since that date.
  410. Fixed issue with recalculating items with options that have a price influence and a discount
  411. Returned options other than "Unit" to right side of product description on printed orders
  412. 2.622 - New "Vendor Barcodes" report prints vendor labels for your shelves or catalogs to scan and start new order for that vendor.  Has description and min order amount.
  413. Added <Refresh Outlook> to Vendor form to copy vendor contact information to Outlook
  414. <End Date> added to Representative form for use as filter to restrict obsolete rep information
  415. Fixed issue with posting invoices to orders with discounts that have line item details
  416. Added <Product Note> check box to vendor setup.  When checked, 16 characters of product note will be added as note to line items on order.
  417. 2.62 - User is prompted on vendor <Orders> screen when posting invoices if the last 3 or more consecutive orders were "Direct" (order type begins with "D").
  418. "Communications Journal" report added to the Representative and Customer forms to show how often customers have been contacted and follow-up actions.
  419. 2.619 - New "Products with Duplicate UPCs" report on the Product form shows items that may not scan correctly when only the first occurrence of the duplicated number is found. 
  420. Orders on Rep form can be filtered by user defined field for vendors.  Useful for paying commission by a division such as an agency, or rep group.  Modified process for posting rep payments to individual invoices.
  421. <Vendor> drop list on EDI form shows number of orders and amounts that will be transferred for each vendor when orders are sent in batch.
  422. On barcode labels, user is now prompted for vertical positioning.  Some printers do not feed labels correctly
  423. Order Totals report now prompt user to exclude "Quotation" status orders.
  424. 2.618 - On orders, if requested ship date is same as order date, printed order will now show "ASAP" as the requested ship date.  On vendor form, set <ASAP> to 0 for this to be the default
  425. Increased filtering of commission information for reps using Enterprise
  426. Ability to assign 2 reps to a customer account
  427. Contract orders with customer item number now show customer's item number on order in note column
  428. Fix to assure that bill phone and fax are replaced when a different customer is chosen for an existing order
  429. 2.616 - When contract pricing is selected, user is prompted to allow a product to be added at the default price if the item is not in the contract.
  430. A promotion can now be for a volume price so that if customer buys more than x quantity, user is prompted to apply promotional price.
  431. Fix for freeze when deleting a vendor payment.  User now prompted twice if rep payments are affected.
  432. Fix for default, line item discount shown on vendor customer number form.
  433. Partial replicas can no longer see or splits.
  434. 2.615 - PO number for partial replicas now defaults to a 6 digit number w/Reps' initials.  User is prompted to let the order type default to "Road" for these orders.
  435. New "Commission Statement (unpaid invoices)" report on the vendor form.
  436. 2.614 - "Orders_Fax_E-mail" export on EDI form now includes an orders list with amounts as a cover page when you select "Orders for Fax/e-mail with cover" from the <Reports> drop list. 
  437. When "Order Totals Crosstab" report is grouped by "Customer" (row) and the user elects to export the results to Excel, the address is included.  This is helpful for mailing/e-mailing to your top 50, 100, or other number of customers
  438. Added ability to delete orders, details, and obsolete vendors prior to a selected date on the My Company Setup form.  This is only available for BrokerForce™ Solo, Team, or full replicas in Enterprise.  Create and archive a backup before running this process.
  439. Modified Comparative Sales reports to allow reporting by invoice date and amount instead of order dates and amounts.
  440. Narrowed bar code on Product Labels (Avery 5167) labels to avoid over-print of margins
  441. Added <BillToCustNo> on Vendor Customer Number forms for customers that a vendor has assigned a bill to customer number that is
  442. 2.613 Added <Phone> reverse lookup button to customer and contact forms.  When connected to the Internet, will lookup an address from a directory listed phone number.
  443. Revision to "Comparative Sales by Month" and "Comparative Sales Month To Date" reports for width of order amounts and correction to current month to date sales total.
  444. The representative "Commission Statement", "Vendor Order Totals", and vendor "Commissions By Month" reports can now be filtered or grouped by the user defined field on the Vendor form.  This is most useful for company divisions or agency.
  445. A <Map> button has been added to customer and contact forms.  Pending that you are connected to the Internet, click this button for a map to the address shown.
  446. Numerous additions to PocketRep including support for many more printers, Bluetooth, Wireless Network, Canon, Sipix, etc.
  447. <New Customer> pop-up form now includes ability to add a contact for that customer without having to go to the contact form.
  448. Fix for Agency choice to show rep contact information on header versus agency's.  Orders may be printed in batch from <Representative> form by date range
  449. Support for divisions.  If the account rep is different for a line/vendor than the primary rep assigned on the customer form, change the rep assignment on the vendor customer number dialog.  When an order is added for that vendor/customer combination, that rep will be assigned to the order.
  450. Revised Avery 5167 product label to bold the price in the lower right, increased the width allowed for the bar code, and allowed sorting by catalog page number
  451. Added <Cust Item> option button just about the order details for entering a contract order by the customer's item numbers
  452. Added "Orders Comparison By Month" and  "Orders Comparison MTD"  reports to the Customer, Parent, Representative, and Parent forms.  Use these report to compare year to date (YTD) and month to date (MTD) amounts for any month this year to the same month and YTD of any previous year.
  453. Added <E-mail> merge button to vendor form for mass-mailing customers of a vendor, or vendor contacts.
  454. 2.596 - Added "RepList" report to Representative form and "Comparative Sales By Month" report to Customer, Vendor, Parent, and Rep forms.  Can be grouped by several choices and filtered for current record or all.
  455. Added "Products List (Bar-Coded)" to the Product form with an <In Stock> check box option to print only products with an <In Stock> value of 1 or greater.  Product labels and barcode reports can now be sorted by page number.  Use this to bar code your catalogs!
  456. Fix for missing orders on Orders Journal when no new customers, fix for copying customers to PocketRep
  457. Password can now be set to "NoPassword" to eliminate the use of a password.  <Lock View> button still hides commission and reports.
  458. Reps commission statements now include 2 reps to an order.  Prior versions would show the combined amount due on the statements but <Apply> payment button was not enabled unless greater than or equal to both primary and secondary commission due was entered as the payment amount. 
  459. 2.595 - Press <Esc> on main order form when creating a new order if you want a different vendor
  460. Zip order button on main order form adds/removes all of a vendor's products to the line item details of an order with zero quantities.  This lets you go down the order, enter the quantities you like.  Click the button again to remove the zero quantity items.  Very fast in some cases.
  461. Added "Orders" report to Representative form to select date range of orders to print.  Place check in <RTF> check box if orders need to be in RTF format.
  462. Order reports on Order form now inherit filters placed on order form e.g. right-click on <Order Date>, select <Filter by Selection>. 
  463. Fix for adding default PO# without a minus sign for replicated data.  Trims to 7 digits 
  464. Added <Merge> button on the Customer form for merging two customers into one customer.  This is used for eliminating duplicate customer records.  If your data is replicated, be sure to synchronize before and after merging two customers.  This is not available for partial replicas.
  465. Added <E-mail> merge button on the Customer form to e-mail all customers with e-mail addresses within the form's filter.  The new <E-mail> button next to the customer contacts subform will e-mail all contacts within that subform's filter. 
  466. Added default discount rate for order header and line item details on the Vendor Customer Number form. Option 1 and/or option 2 can be duplicated on next line item detail when entering orders.
  467. Added Customer State to Order Totals Crosstab reports, added Order Date to Vendor Orders Not transmitted report, added ability to filter Crosstab report by invoice date.
  468. Revised Orders Journal to include <New Line> and <New Customer> check boxes to denote that orders was for a new line and/or new customer.  Report can now group by Order Type or Status.
  469. When the Orders Journal report closes, the user is prompted if the results should be exported to Excel.  This can be e-mailed to a vendor, customer, or agency on a periodic basis
  470. Fix for freeze issue when posting invoices and payments to orders
  471. Resized screen to fit 800x600 w/o auto-hide of task bar
  472. Added "Vendor Labels" report on vendor form.  Print or export to Excel for mail merge or use with Microsoft Outlook.
  473. Added Terms field for PocketRep (PR), orders on PR can be entered by item#, desc, or UPC
  474. Improved speed for posting invoices to orders.  Click the <Columns> button on the Vendor form when posting invoices to orders to add or remove columns as needed.
  475. Improved larger font for orders, 3 is no longer mistaken as an 8. Line item detail is kept together
  476. Added ability to sort Order Totals Crosstab report by row totals.
  477. Added <New Customer>, <New Line> designations to orders journal
  478. Faster entering of line item details on orders
  479. <Orders list> on vendor form is now full screen width
  480. added ability to filter Customer Snapshot reports by customer Began date
  481. Modified Order Totals Cross tab report on customer form to prompt user for additional filter for the current representative's customers if <All Customers> is checked
  482. added Notes, and minimum order amount on Vendor List report on vendor form
  483. Added "Customer Snapshot Avery 5163" for 2x4" (Rolodex like cards) customer form
  484. Added  "Rep Postal Codes" report on representative form
  485. Revised to import new customer orders from PocketRep
  486. Version number is now shown on the application title bar (2.535+)
  487. Fix for cascading of vendor rep number on vendor customer number form.
  488. Improvements to Vendor and Customer sales totals reports
  489. Vendor Phone List report added to Vendor form.
  490. Backorders for orders with details can now be posted as a gross amount versus adjusting shipped quantities
  491. Customer Snapshot can now be sorted by the total amount that a customer ordered or was invoiced
  492. Revised process for missing item number on order detail not to move to Qty control
  493. Default line item discount is reset to zero when a new order is created
  494. When an order is for a negative quantity, the header is now labeled "Credit Memo"
  495. Added <No Contact> check box on Vendor form <Setup> tab.  When this is checked, the vendor's contact information will not show on the order header.
  496. Added <Show Rep Information> check box on My Company Setup form.  When this is checked, rep contact information will show in lieu of the agency information.  If an agency logo is present, it will still show.  If both agency and rep contact information is to show, agency contact information should be included with the agency logo.
  497. When a customer is changed on an order, the replacement ship to address will default to bill to if the new customer's ship to address is missing.
  498. A default order footer can now be edited/added from the My Company Setup form e.g. "Thank you for your order"
  499. Added "Status" filter selection for Customer Snapshot report.  Snapshot sales history totals can be by order amount instead of invoice amount.  Report can now be sorted by YTD amounts in descending order.
  500. When posting payments to invoices, focus now moves to payment amount before payment number
  501. Fix for error locating invoice numbers on orders list of vendor form
  502. "Delete" status orders are now highlighted in red
  503. Fix for price error of line item discount on an order
  504. "Customer Snapshot" report, added option to show  no amounts, order amounts or invoice amounts.  
  505. Revised Catalog_Excel import process for multiple price column import to correct data type
  506. Added "Rep Territories" report on representative form.  Listing of reps, the cities and zip codes that they cover.
  507. Added blocks for "Orders_Fax_e-mail" exports to block orders with status = "Quotation", "Delete", or "Canceled"
  508. Revised back order process on vendor form to move to return to current PO versus moving to new, patched variance comparison for min order.
  509. Vendor Payment number and Payment amount are locked for orders that payments have been applied to.  To unlock, double-click on VPmtNo or VAmt to edit.
  510. Fix for cascade change of rep number inappropriately changing the vendor's customer number instead
  511. Revised Vendor Payment process to not confuse a vendor's payment with duplicate from another vendor
  512. Vendor form loads much more quickly 
  513. Revised fill backorder process to allow user to skip adjusting invoice amount
  514. Added "Rep Payment#" filter to rep commission statement
  515. New "Order Net Discount" order form format now shows the net cost of each line items after discount.
  516. Optional price list can be configured as an option for a vendor e.g. Chair w/fabric "A" $189, Chair w/fabric "B" $230.  See Options help topic.
  517. Incremental option pricing has been added.  Set option vendor preferences for fixed or percentage price additions using vendor setup tab.
  518. Vendors without a check in the <Line Card> check box (<Setup> tab on vendor form) are no longer included in many reports or drop lists including orders. 
  519. Hot key <Ctrl-P> prints currently selected report.  Use this for orders!
  520. Added Item Sales History popup on order form.   Double-click a line item detail to view how much has been ordered/shipped by any date range.
  521. Customer With/Without Product reports can now be filtered by date range, category, or form filter.
  522. Added ability to synchronize BrokerForce™ Customer contacts with Microsoft Outlook.  Includes 3 year snapshot history for each.
  523. Add 'Last Shipped on or Before' filter option for 'Customer Snapshot' report.  Included Season filter.
  524. Fix for Orders_Fax_E-mail export on EDI form
  525. Default rep number for vendors on the Vendor Customer Number form 
  526. Added support for international column width settings on drop lists 
  527. Fix for Cannon Bubble Jet printers' narrower print width to eliminate blank pages 
  528. <PocketRep> synchronization button added to toolbar for exchanging product information and orders with PocketRep
  529. Color and Size versus Unit and Pack product options can be set by vendor instead of by industry in My Company setup form.  Click the <Setup> tab on the vendor form.
  530. Incremental update of contract prices for commodity pricing of products when the product price is changed.
  531. Relationships between the Vendor and Orders table and the Customer and Orders table revised so that a vendor or customer can not be deleted until their respective orders are removed
  532. Product label reports inherit the product subform filter for printing selected labels
  533. Page field added to Products table for catalog page
  534. Backorders now duplicate transmitted journal entries to avoid retransmission
  535. Rep name added to Customer Numbers on vendor form for sorting and grouping
  536. Manage and print quotations for multiple vendors. see "Quotation" help topic
  537. Revised detection of enter key on the order form's Item/Style number
  538. Optional page break added to customer snapshot 
  539. Fix for Catalog_Excel import that failed on some machines
  540. Added new options for Order Totals Crosstab report.  One of the most useful reports!  Revised for date range errors 8/14/01
  541. Fix for duplicating last customer on an order for new vendor customer number
  542. Widened PO# on orders to accommodate 14 digits
  543. Revised Order Totals reports
  544. Fixed Vendor Item Sales Totals report to stop duplicates when product description has changed on orders
  545. Orders substitute customer phone if contact phone is unavailable

Prior Updates 

  1. Entering orders for multiple lines with the same customer? When a new order is created and the vendor is changed, the user is now prompted "Duplicate last customer?".  Click <Yes> if this is the case, <No> to skip or <Cancel> to turn this feature off. font>
  2. Added Order Totals Crosstab report to Customer and Vendor forms.  Allows user to select how data should be grouped in rows and columns and what values to total  for a date range.  
  3. Added Order Header Only report to order form
  4. Revised customer On Order report to include extended values and fixed report for when a vendor has not been selected as a filter
  5. Fix for Open Purchase Orders Detailed reports item duplication
  6. Fix for updating customer numbers on Vendor form's orders list
  7. Fix for filtering the Orders Journal report by form with vendor's user defined field.
  8. Added Order Type and User Defined order field filter choices for Customer Snapshot report (Allows filtering by 'Season' for Apparel reps) See 'Customer Snapshot' help topic in updated help file
  9. Updated help file with new topics and correction to word wrap
  10. fix for move from Vendor orders list to order form for filling backorders w/details (2.071 3/26/01)
  11. eliminated date references that caused error on Rep Payments subform and  blocked Microsoft Word merges
  12. fix for dates running together on some reports
  13. fix for  "Invalid reference to "T" on contacts form" error
  14. fix occasional missing backup window during <File>, <Exit> procedure
  15. <Details> check box added to Order Totals report for shorted summary  of orders and added missing order type when printed from Vendor form
  16. added city, state, and customer type columns to the customer drop list on the Vendor Customers subform.  When customers are added using this form, VendCustNo (vendor customer number) will default to BrokerForce™'s customer ID.  This enables a user to quickly check for and add prospective customers to the customer list of a new line.
  17. Rep Commissions Statement 2 - New format of the rep commission statement that shows only rep's commission as percentage of invoice and order date in lieu of vendor payment and agency's commission %.
  18. Ordered/Invoiced by Month - New Vendor and Customer forms' report.  Also indicates order to delivery lag time.
  19. Customer Snapshot - newly added to the Vendor form for viewing customer history including prior 2 years and year to date (YTD) sales.  Revised on both customer and vendor forms to include a new Last ordered on or before filter for listing customers and what lines have not been ordered since a specified date - An excellent tool for recovering diminishing accounts before they are lost.
  20. Customers with Product - revised to include order dates versus ship dates and to show categories of products if a category is chosen on the Products form.
  21. Product labels 39 Avery 5167 -  product labeling report added to the Product form that includes a 3 of 9 bar code.  This report uses the Free3of9 font included with BrokerForce™. This label has a footprint 1/3 the size of the 5160 label.  Both labels were modified to include minimum quantity and are available from office supply stores.  Both bar code reports now use the vendor item number in lieu of an available UPC.
  22. BaBar Coding - Refinements were made to the order form to recognize the item number in lieu of the UPC when a bar code is scanned via a wedge scanner

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