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See the product summary for more details about the most advanced brokerage management software.  See what's new in III for the latest on recent and pending updates.

EXCELr8d™ Order Sheets  - The simplest, least expensive way to exchange orders electronically
Electronic order sheets may be exchanged with any of your customers capable of editing a Microsoft Excel 5.0 document.  Select a vendor and a customer, voila, you can e-mail them an order sheet for them to complete and return for integrating into your database.   See this press release for where the brokerage industry's customers are headed.

BrokerForce Takes to the Road
The ability to make the database replicable enables users to make concurrent changes to two different copies of their data and synchronize those changes at a later time. See the press release for more details.

Tap in or scan in (with a Socket In-Hand scanner) your orders with one hand using a Pocket PC.  Use your contacts and calendar and synchronize your orders directly into BrokerForce™.  Perfect for on the road, at shows, or showrooms.

Website Ordering powered by BrokerForce Internet synchronization.  WebOrderIt™ uses our unique, patented method for web ordering and merchandising. Although limited to wholesale trade, these methods provide incredible efficiencies for buyers and sellers of all types. 

Designing an Effective Brokerage Site
This ongoing essay offers valuable tips for agencies that are or are not considering the Internet as a new marketing vehicle.

BrokerForce has more than Internet savvy, it employs the Internet.
Using BrokerForce, brokers and manufacturers' reps can create hyperlinks and receive orders via the Internet. See the  product data sheet for more details.

Links for reps
These sites have been selected from those that we regularly rely upon in our day-to-day work and that should be helpful to any sales rep. Some of the links are used in our research for product development, and others we find useful for their utilitarian value. If you are a manufacturers' representative, there are a number of links that provide insight into the latest sales technologies. We'll adding sites frequently so, check back often. Should you find a broken link, please let us know.

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