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PocketRep™ Maintenance Tools
PocketRep™ is a companion application that can be purchased to extend the capabilities of BrokerForce™ for sales reps on the road, at shows, or in showrooms.  The application can be used for entering, calculating, printing orders, and merging these orders back into BrokerForce™.  PocketRep supports the scanning of bar codes with peripheral hardware and/or the selection of items from product lists downloaded from BrokerForce™.  PocketRep is autonomous of any server so, orders may be printed directly from the PocketRep device without docking.  Why we use PocketPC

Pocket Rep Installation
Installation of PocketRep is subject to the Extended User License Agreement (License.txt) included with BrokerForce™.  Be sure to install Microsoft Active Sync on your PC before docking the device to the PC. 

If you haven't already, download and install MS Active Sync 4.2.  Do NOT install later versions of Active Sync.

Updating? Synchronize PocketRep to BrokerForce™ and process your orders FIRST or Pocket Orders could be lost!

Verify that PocketRep is Closed:

  1. If you have opened another program or otherwise returned to the <Today> screen on the device, PocketRep may be open even though you do not see it.  For example, if you started PocketRep and clicked the <Ok> button in the upper right to quickly close PocketRep while "Loading customers..." PocketRep will not be closed.
  2. To verify that it is closed: On the device, click <Start>, <Settings>, <System>, <Memory>, <Running Programs>
  3. If you see "Order n", "Loading PocketRep...", or "Ord:n:Customer name", the application is still open.
  4. If you see any of these, click <Start>, <PocketRep>, and then close PocketRep. 
  5. Answer <Yes> to backup your orders.

Installing or updating PocketRep (requires BrokerForce 2.674 or later):

  1. Click here to --> to Download PocketRep Maintenance files from our web server. When prompted, save the file to a floppy disk or to a path on your computer that you can return to and run the download file.  Your Windows Desktop would be a good place to save it. You must purchase a registration code to use PocketRep.
  2. Use ActiveSync to "Partner" or "Guest" your PocketPC to a host computer that has BrokerForce™ installed on it. If this is for a showroom you should typically click <Cancel> at this screen or select "Guest" and <Next>.
  3. Run the PocketRepM5.exe file that you downloaded from the link above.
  4. BrokerForce version 2.674 or greater is required to use the maintenance tool.
  5. In BrokerForce, click <Tools>, <PocketRep Maintenance>.
  6. Click <Connect> on the PocketRep Maintenance form.  This will validate that Active Sync is properly connected
  7. If PocketRep is already installed, after verifying that PocketRep is closed, click <Update PocketRep>.  You will see the progress of the file copy in bytes on the left side of this window and "Download Complete" when the process is successful.
  8. If you are installing PocketRep for the first time, click <PocketRep Install Files>.  Wait for the prompt that the download was complete.  If you will be using a Socket In-Hand scanner and it has not been installed, answer <Yes> when prompted "Include Socket Scan?"
  9. Click <Disconnect> and <Close> (on toolbar at top).
  10. On the PocketPC, click <Start>, <Programs>, <File Explorer>.  Click the <Show> drop list at the top of the File Explorer window and select <My Device>.  Tap on <My Documents>
  11. Starting from the bottom of the list of files in the <My Documents> folder, tap the first <Socket Scan> file if you included this.
  12. Tap the PocketRep cab file and proceed with the defaults.
  13. Tap the <MsVBPpc.cab> file and proceed with these defaults.  Click <Yes To All> if prompted about file versions and do a soft reset of the device.
  14. If you will be using Socket Scan see How to Configure Socket Scan*.  You only need to set the prefix and suffix at this point.
  15. Tap <Start>, <Program Files>, <PocketRep>. You will be prompted to obtain a registration code from BrokerForce based on the user name of your device.  Contact BrokerForce with the <Owner Name> of the device to receive your license key code.  All owner names must be unique and you must provide the name exactly as it is shown on the <Today> screen.  The user name is case sensitive.
  16. After entering the license number, click <Update License Number> the installation will be complete and you will be prompted to dock the device and to use the <Synchronize PocketRep> button in BrokerForce. 
  17. With the device connected to your PC, open BrokerForce™ and click the <Synchronize PocketRep> button on the BrokerForce™ toolbar.  When prompted that the "PocketOrders table was not found..." click <Ok>.  Vendor, customer, and product information will be copied to the device.  This may take several minutes the first time that this is done. 
  18. When orders are to be transferred form the device back into BrokerForce™, the device must be re-docked to this machine or a machine that is using the same data (replica) set.
  19. If you get an error message " | " file is already in use...."

See also: Optimize PocketRep

Click here for instructions on how to use PocketRep


Use <PocketRep To BrokerForce> and <BrokerForce to PocketRep> to clone data

  1. Close PocketRep on the device. 
  2. Connect the device and verify that Active Sync shows "Connected"
  3. Click the <Synchronize PocketRep> button on the BrokerForce toolbar.
  4. When prompted to "Refresh Customers?", answer <Yes>.
  5. When prompted to "Refresh Products", answer <Yes> and check the <Include> check box for each vendor's products that you want copied to the device and then click <Continue>.
  6. If you are prompted "Process PocketRep Orders?" you can answer <Yes> or <No> depending your your circumstances.  If you answer <No>, you can later return to BrokerForce and click the <Excerlr8 Dialog> button (Green Excel X) on the toolbar to process your orders at a more convenient time.
  7. Pending that the data has been successfully updated on the device, click <Tools>, <PocketRep Maintenance> on the menu ribbon at the top of BrokerForce.
  8. In the PocketRep Maintenance form, click <Connect>, this will verify the Active Sync connection
  9. Click <PocketRep to BrokerForce> to copy the customer and item data files from the device up to the PC.
  10. After you see "Transfer Complete", click <Disconnect> and remove the device
  11. Dock the next device to be updated. 
  12. If there are any orders on this next device, <Close> the maintenance tool and use the <Synchronize PocketRep> button to remove them from the device.  You can answer <No> when prompted to refresh customers or products.
  13. Pending that there are no orders on the device, click <Connect>, <BrokerForce to PocketRep>, and wait for the "Transfer Complete" message.
  14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for each device that does not have orders and needs to be updated.
* Additional hardware such as a Socket or Symbol scanner is required.  Barcode printing is included with BrokerForce™
Contact us if you need help.

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